Budgets & Audits

Budget Documents

Budget Process

The City of Moscow's budget is a very involved process that includes our community as a whole. From the officials elected by citizens who set goals, to the staff who are professionally trained and take pride in protecting our communities investment, this process is one that is taken seriously and judiciously each and every year.

The budget process begins in January as we prepare for the beginning of the upcoming fiscal year on October 1. Steps taken to provide the research and background for the budgeting process include the biennial citizen survey, long-range planning documents, and the Council's annual goal setting session. From there departments develop a draft proposal of the upcoming years budgets based on all that information. An initial round of meetings is held with the City Supervisor to refine those departmental proposals keeping in mind that planned expenditures must balance with anticipated revenues. It is at this point that the budget begins to be balanced.

Draft Budget

The Mayor then reviews the balanced draft budget and meets with departments to discuss and further refine the document. During this process of drafting and refining, staff is preparing additional documents that are required to be included with the budget according to the federal authority, the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB). More information is also researched and compiled to be included that is also helpful and interesting as it relates to the budget. At this point, the budget is polished into the final draft form. It is balanced and contains a solid attempt at achieving the mission, goals and long-range plans identified by the community.

Public Hearings

Next steps include the public hearing process which allows for the public to review and provide input on the budget document. This culminates in a public hearing typically scheduled in August of each year as required by municipal code. Once the budget passes through the public hearing phase, the document is adopted for implementation in the coming fiscal year.

Additional Information

For more information on the City's budgeting process, please contact Gary J. Riedner, Acting Finance Director.