2003 - 2001


1. Joanne Reece retired last month as the University's Assistant Vice President for Facilities. While the University was experiencing a boom in new construction, her office undertook numerous projects to preserve the campus's historic fabric. These included major renovations to the Administration Building and Morrill Hall. With this award the Commission wishes to honor both Ms. Reece and the whole University for its long tradition of preserving outstanding buildings and spaces within its beautiful campus.

2. Larry Forney and Eva Top completed a series of renovations to their house at 429 North Hayes, which was built on a farm in the 1920s and later moved to its present location. The renovations included carefully restoring many visual elements of the original home while upgrading its foundation and other structural systems.

3. David and Marianne Shupe spent years polishing one of Moscow's early gems, the grand 1886 Victorian home at 411 East B Street. Through imaginative use of color and addition of a matching gazebo (besides numerous interior improvements), the Shupes have recaptured the special character this house enjoyed when it was built for an early Moscow banker, before Idaho became a state.


1. Kathleen Warnick for her contributions to preserving the craft of lace making. She is co-author of the book, Legacy of Lace - Identifying, Collecting, and Preserving American Lace (Crown Publishers, 1988). Along with other members of a local group called the Appaloosa Lace Guild, she demonstrates lace making techniques at various events and festivals around the region.

2. Purnell Masonry for outstanding craftsmanship in rebuilding the arch at the entrance to East City Park. The arch was built in 1923 to honor Latah County men who served in the First World War. More recently it has become a familiar landmark for visitors to the Renaissance Fair and other events in the park. Earlier this year it was hit by an automobile and needed to be completely rebuilt. Dallas 'Buzz' Purnell and his company have also been involved in other masonry restoration projects around the community.

3. Duane LeTourneau for his service as chairman of the Mayor's 1912 Center Task Force, a citizen group appointed to coordinate efforts to renovate the former school building as a community center. LeTourneau is credited with exceptional patience and diplomacy in working with volunteers, interest groups, donors, and city officials as Phases One and Two of the renovation have been completed.

4. Homeowners David and Nancy Nelson for creativity and craftsmanship shown in the renovation of their residence at 804 East E Street. First constructed in 1898, the house was extensively altered in the 1930s or 1940s. The Nelsons restored many elements of the original farmhouse design and made extensive use of original and compatible materials, while at the same time making the home more functional and comfortable.


1. David Giese and Val G. Carter, funded through efforts led by Marie Whitesel, for carrying out an ingenious rescue of four large murals before the wooden building known as the 'U-Hut' was torn down last year on the UI campus. Under a Depression-era relief program the murals had been painted directly onto the building's plaster walls. Giese and Carter found a way to remove those wall sections without destroying the fragile plaster, and the murals are now [summer 2001] on display at the Pritchard Gallery in downtown Moscow.

2. The owners and operators of Bucer's coffeehouse at 201 South Main for restoring the wood and brick interior of an old commercial space and, perhaps, giving an economic kick to the downtown business district. The owners are Tim Kinkeade and Stan Weeks; the operators are Gary Greenfield and Dean Helleckson.

3. UI professor Carlos Schwantes as a teacher of regional history and author of several books on Idaho and Pacific Northwest history, steam-era transportation, and life on the "wage-earner frontier."

4. Four Moscow couples for remodeling projects that show respect for the historic characters of their homes and neighborhoods: John and Susila Bales at 1005 East 6th St., Mac Cantrell and Janice Boughton at 622 East B Street, Peter and Sharon Feeley at 607 East 7th Street, and Matt and Roxanne Ruck at 319 East 2nd Street.