The City of Moscow welcomes students!

Congratulations on your choice to pursue higher education at the University of Idaho. As a resident, you’ll soon discover that Moscow is a great place to call home. We care about our community’s reputation as a safe, friendly, inclusive, and vibrant place to live, and invite you to be part of it. Events like Palousafest, Vandal home games, Renaissance Fair, Rendezvous in the Park, Jazz Fest, Art Walk, and the Holiday Lights Parade are among the many events that showcase Moscow’s unique identity and help newcomers develop their sense of belonging.

Our City’s Police, Parks and Recreation, Water, Community Development, Fire, Finance/Utility Billing, and Arts Departments are available to answer questions and offer advice about becoming involved in community activities.

The City of Moscow and University of Idaho have a long history of working together to help build beneficial relationships among longtime residents and newcomers, including students. Familiarity with the ground rules can help. Here are some places to start…

Community Involvement - 208.883.7000

The City of Moscow is always seeking volunteers for citizen commissions. Most have seats for students who are enrolled in secondary education programs at least 3/4 time. For more information visit and click on ‘Commissions’ to fill out an application. Successful applicants are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council.

Public Transportation - 208.883.7447
Bike Licenses - 208.883.7054
Water, Sewer, Sanitation Utility Services - 208.883.7040
Parking - 208.882.COPS
Noise - 208.882.COPS
Snow Removal - 208.882.COPS
Underage Drinking - 208.882.COPS
Open Container Law - 208.882.COPS
Smoking Ban in Bars & Private Clubs - 208.882.COPS
Smart Neighboring Tips
City of Moscow Contacts