Moscow Arts Commission

The purpose of the Moscow Arts Commission is to enrich the life of the community by celebrating and cultivating the arts. As advocates for the arts, our goals are:

  • Provide innovative, cooperative, and accessible programs that are responsive to the needs and emerging opportunities in our community.
  • Support artists by creating opportunities for their work to be experienced and their value recognized.
  • Promote an understanding of the economic value of the arts to the community.

Commission Roster

CommissionerTerm Expiration
McKenzie Carscallen
High School Seat
Ellis Eifert12/31/2016
Elizabeth Graff12/31/2015
Robin Lopez12/31/2017
Iris Mayes
Vice Chair
Mario Montes12/31/2017
Robin Ohlgren
McCandless Pierce
College Seat
Alexandra Teague12/31/2016
Alexiss Turner12/31/2014
Diane Walker12/31/2015
Donna Woolston12/31/2014

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