Orchid Awards 2015
- Historic Preservation Commission

Once each year the Moscow Historic Preservation Commission presents Orchid Awards to recognize outstanding examples of historic preservation in the community. The recipients of the awards for 2015 are as follows:

1.  Tim Kinkeade for replacing the street-level façade of his commercial building at 121 East Third Street, using design and materials that respect its 1893 origin.

2. Tim Gresback for major renovation that converted a dilapidated rental house at 210 East Seventh Street to an elegant law office that retains several features of the original 1910 structure.

3. Austin Storm for constructing a commercial building at 106 North Main Street as a reimagining of a turn-of-the-20th-Century storefront on a site once occupied by offices of Moscow's home-grown Psychiana mail-order religion.

4. Mike McCoy for restoring the 1893 character of the commercial building at 203 South Main Street (now Essential Glass Works), in part by removing a huge shingle façade that was added in the 1970's.

5. David Schmidt for imaginative and artistic renovation of his residence at 403 South Lincoln Street (originally a farm house built around 1900), including features inspired by a variety of historical styles.

6. The City of Moscow Public Works Department for creating eight informative entryway signs in the Downtown Moscow Historic District.

7. The University of Idaho Department of Architectural and Engineering Services for guiding the creation of three "north campus gateway" structures that celebrate the Collegiate Gothic style and character of historic buildings on the central campus.

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