Planning & Zoning Commission

The Commission consists of up to nine (9) voting members, who serve without pay. Members are appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Council, without respect to political affiliation. All members of the Commission must have resided in Latah County for two (2) years prior to their appointment, and must remain a resident of the County while on the Commission. One Council member also serves as an ex-officio member. Commission members are appointed for five year terms. Persons living outside the city but within the delineated area of City impact are also entitled to proportional representation on the Commission.

The members of the Commission meet and organize by electing one of their members chairperson and such other officers as they deem necessary. Elections are held on the first regularly scheduled meeting after January 1. The Commission may establish subcommittees, advisory committees or neighborhood groups to advise and assist in carrying out the responsibilities of local planning. The Commission keeps a record of all meetings, hearings, resolutions, studies, findings, permits and actions taken. All meetings and records are open to the public.


It is the duty of the Commission to conduct a comprehensive planning process designed to prepare, implement, and review and update the City's Comprehensive Plan. The Plan includes all land within the jurisdiction of the City. It considers previous and existing conditions, trends, desirable goals and objectives, or desirable future situations for each planning component.

Additionally, all maps, plats and replats of land which require the approval of the Council are first submitted to the Commission for recommendations.

Commission Roster

CommissionerTerm Expiration
Gregory Dickison12/31/2018
Scott Gropp12/31/2021
Joel Hamilton12/31/2017
Wendy McClure
Kurt Obermayr12/31/2019
Robb Parish
Vice Chair
D. Nels Reese12/31/2017
Victoria A. Seever12/31/2018
Dennis Wilson12/31/2020

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