'E' & Garfield Street Sewer Replacement

This project consists of the removal of existing sewer main and the installation of approximately 1,300 feet of sanitary sewer and storm lines in the 'E' and Garfield Street vicinity. This project will include removal of the existing asphalt concrete pavement, curbing, manholes and catch basins and the installation of sanitary and storm sewer pipe, manholes and catch basins. The sewer improvements will help to reduce infiltration and inflow to the system, reducing treatment costs for the WWTP.


This project is now complete. Thank you for your patients during construction.

What is that? 

Sewer Main - the principal pipe in a system that collects sewage.
Sanitary Sewer -  pipes that take sewage to the Waste Water Treatment Plant.
Storm Lines - pipes that take stormwater to the nearest outfall, which is usually a creek or treatment pond.

Click here for more information on the City of Moscow's Waste Water Treatment Plant.

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