North Polk Water Loop Connection

This project consists of the installation of approximately 530 feet of 12” ductile iron water main and 25 feet of 15” PVC sanitary sewer main in the Polk Street and Public Avenue vicinity. This project will also include removal and replacement of the existing asphalt concrete pavement surface, the removal of sewer pipe, and the installation of valves, a manhole, and a fire hydrant. These water improvements will help improve fire flow, water quality, and add redundancy to the system by increasing the number of connections between the Park View and Quail Run neighborhoods to the rest of the water distribution system.


This project is tentatively scheduled to start in mid-June. Portions of Polk St. between Public Ave. and Rodeo Dr. will be closed at times during construction. More information will be provided prior to the start of this​ project.

What is that? 

Water Main - The pipe in a system that distributes water throughout the city..

Water Distribution System -  A network of pipes, valves, and pumps that conveys water from the storage tanks to homes and businesses throughout the city.

Fire Flow - The amount of water supplied to firefighting equipment by a hydrant connected to the water distribution system.

Redundancy - Having more than one water main supplying a development or neighborhood so that one water main can be shut for repairs while the other water mains still serve that development or neighborhood.​

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