Asphalt Rubber Chip Seal - Warranty

In 2016 Intermountain Slurry Seal, Inc. from Salt Lake City, Utah performed an Asphalt Rubber Chip Seal ​on 'D' Street from Main Street to Grant Street, Lincoln Street from 'B' Street to 'E' Street, 'E' Street from Moore Street to Garfield Street, 'F' Street from Orchard Avenue to Mountain View Road, and Sixth Street from Hayes Street to Blaine Street.

2016 Asphalt Rubber Locations

Asphalt Rubber Chip Seal Locations 2016

Due to some issues with equipment calibration the final product on 'D' Street did not meet the high standards that Intermountain Slurry Seal has previously demonstrated on project​s within the City of Moscow such as the Slurry-seal Project in 2013. After a discussion of the problem Intermountain Slurry Seal and the City of Moscow agreed that the best course of action was to reapply the Asphalt Rubber Chip Seal with the proper application thickness after some minor pavement patching has been performed. 

The patching, which will be conducted by the City of Moscow​​ Streets Department, will provide a solid base to which the new chip seal layer can adhere. This coordination between the City of Moscow and Intermountain Slurry Seal, Inc. will ensure that older roads such as 'D' Street will have an extended lifespan, allowing the City of Moscow staff to plan and budget for their ultimate replacement. 


The City of Moscow: Streets Department has completed the patching and Intermountain Slurry Seal has established a range of dates for their City of Moscow projects. The Asphalt​ Rubber Chip Seal application on 'D' Street will take place on August 3rd, 4th, 7th, and 8th. Intermountain Slurry Seal has provided a map with specific dates and locations for their City of Moscow projects which is displayed below. This map also includes the dates for the Slurry Seal project which will be placed during the same week as the Asphalt Rubber Chip Seal. 

Pavement Preservation 2017 Map (Larger Size)

Pavement Preservation Map 2017

​​​Construction Update 7/31/2017

​Intermountain Slurry Seal, Inc. will provide notification to the public 24 hours prior to beginning work to allow for residents to move cars and will be coordinating their schedule around Latah Sanitation garbage pickup days. Although the seal coating projects can be completed very quickly it is necessary for the roads to be empty prior to construction so there will be no parking or driving on the roads during the application.

What is That?

Asphalt Rubber​ - Asphalt Rubber is a blend of crumb rubber and asphalt. ​The crumb rubber is a product made from recycled tires where the ​tires are ground up and the steel banding and tire cord is removed, leaving a granular rubber product. This type of rubber is often used to simulate the soil in artificial turf fields. The addition of this rubber to the asphalt emulsion helps maintain flexibility and provides for a longer-lasting surface. 

Chip Seal​ - ​A pavement preservation product where a thin layer of asphalt ​​​is applied to the road surface and "chips" or crushed rock pieces are pressed into the asphalt layer. This creates a wearing surface on the road which will help to protect and seal the pavement below. 

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