Pedestrian Curb Ramp Improvements

This project consists of replacing deficient pedestrian curb ramps at six locations on the highway system within the Moscow City Limits. These locations include the following areas:

  • Washington Street & Sixth Avenue​​
  • Washington Street & Seventh Avenue
  • Washington Street & Eighth Avenue
Funding is provided by a FY2016 grant from the Idaho Transportation Department Pedestrian Curb Ramp Improvement Program.  These improvements ​will continue to expand the pedestrian friendly corridor connecting the Moscow residential neighborhoods to the Downtown and University areas. 

The contract was awarded to Cameron Reilly ​Concrete from Spokane, Washington​. After arranging the construction dates and setting up the traffic control work on the pedestrian ramps began. Here you can see the removal of the pedestrian ramp at the Northeast corner of Seventh Street and Washington Street.

​Removal of Sidewalk at Seventh and Washington

In order to install the curb extensions that will help to protect both pedestrians and parked cars it is necessary to relocate the storm sewer that drains the rainwater from the streets. Below the crews are connecting the newly placed catch basins to the existing storm sewer line. 


Installation of New Catch Basins

​After the underground infrastructure is in place the gravel base for the concrete is leveled and compacted, then the shape of the new pedestrian ramp is formed and concrete is poured and finished. 


Forming the Curb at Sixth and Washington


Finishing the Pedestrian Ramp at Seventh and Washington

​Finally with all the ramps in place the topsoil and pavement patches around the ramps are replaced and the lane is reopened. 

Topsoil is Placed and Graded Level


Finishing the Asphalt Patch Next to the New Ramp


Construction is complete and the new, wheelchair friendly pedestrian ramps are open for travel. The City of Moscow would like to thank you again for your patience​​​ ​and understanding during construction.​

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