​Sixth and Jackson Turn Lane Realignment

The project consists of realigning the eastbound turn lane on Sixth Street so that traffic passing through the intersection no longer has to shift over an entire lane width to the south in order to avoid the traffic turning left onto Jackson Street. This adjustment will allow vehicles and bicycles to travel through the intersection along a safer path. In addition to the realigned turn lane this project will install a curb extension for the parking on Jackson Street, a pedestrian bench, and a decorative walkway. This project will connect with the future development of the Moscow Urban Renewal Agency property at the southwest corner of Sixth Street and Jackson Street. 

​East Facing View from Sixth Street

removing and disposing of existing asphalt surface, existing curb, and three existing sidewalks, constructing concrete curb, vegetated swales, laying asphalt and base construction of the Jackson Street Parking lot near the intersection of Fourth Street and Jackson Street.


The contract for the project was awarded to M.L. Albright and Sons, Inc. of Lewiston, Idaho. The project will begin shortly and is anticipated to be substantially complete by the beginning of September. 

​Construction Updates

​​No current updates.  

​What is that?

Curb Extension - Sometimes called a "bulb-out" ​this is a construction technique where the curb and sidewalk are extended into the road, shortening the pedestrian's travel path. These extensions also serve to protect the parked cars along the roadway. 

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