​Latah County Library Entry

This project includes construction of a new ADA-compliant entry way to the library. Plans call for new stairs and walkways for improved customer egress/ingress, elimination of trip hazards, upgraded exterior lighting, new guardrails, and the creation of a pedestrian plaza for outdoor programs and wireless Internet access. A new ADA-compliant ramp will improve access for wheeled devices, including walkers, wheelchairs and strollers. These improvements will make the "front yard" of the library not only more aesthetically pleasing for the community, patrons and visitors to Moscow, but will create universal access to this vital community center for people of all ages and abilities.


This project is complete! Thank you for your patients during construction and enjoy the new facility.

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Tom Grundin -
Parks and Facilities Manager

Accessibility Assistance

If you need ADA accessible assistance or feel this or any other City of Moscow project is impacting your ability to access public services, please contact the City of Moscow at: