​Moscow Sidewalk
Replacement Project

The intent of the City of Moscow Sidewalk Property Owner Assistance Program is to replace damaged or deficient sidewalks and pedestrian curb ramps, and generally improve pedestrian access throughout the community.

In an effort to encourage property owners to replace deficient sidewalks adjacent to their property, one provision of the program allows property owners to request City assistance with estimating, contracting, and inspecting the work of replacing their sidewalks. Toward this goal, the City annually solicits bids for unit prices for damaged sidewalk removal and replacement, as well as for replacement of adjacent damaged curb, non-compliant pedestrian curb ramps, and any necessary segmental block retaining walls. Sidewalk construction costs are based on the unit prices submitted by the successful responder and are paid to the City by the adjacent property owners prior to commencement of the work at each site.


​The contract for the City of Moscow Sidewalk Replacement Program is currently out for bid and no contractor has currently been selected. The construction window for this program will extend from early-June to late-September.

​Construction Updates

No construction updates currently the bidding window will close 5/26/2017. ​​

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Assistant City Engineer

Accessibility Assistance

If you need ADA accessible assistance or feel this or any other City of Moscow project is impacting your ability to access public services, please contact the City of Moscow at: