​Sewer Manhole Replacement

This project consists of removing five existing sanitary sewer flush-tanks around the city and replacing them with new sanitary sewer manholes. Flush tanks originally served the purpose of helping to remove debris from sanitary sewer lines however they have been largely replaced by more effective solutions such as flush trucks. Replacing the flush tanks will reduce the required maintenance resulting in a simpler and more effective sanitary sewer infrastructure. These existing flush tanks are being replaced at the following locations:

  • On Seventh Street west of Anna Street
  • In the Alley between Jefferson Street and Adams Street, just south of Lewis Street
  • On Seventh Street between Jefferson Street and Adams Street
  • On ‘C’ Street east of Circle Drive
  • In the Alley between Asbury Street and Almon Street, just south of First Street


This project is now substantially complete. Thank You for your patients!

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Scott Bontrager -
Assistant City Engineer

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