​Slurry Seal 2013

The City of Moscow is beginning the 2013 Slurry Seal project on several City streets. The slurry seal is a mix of a fine aggregate (approximately 1/8”) and oil that will be applied in a very thin layer to the surface of the road. This is a cost effective pavement surface treatment that helps protect the City's investment in infrastructure. Under the City of Moscow Pavement Management Program the goal is to keep good pavement in good condition by performing routine maintenance and treatments that will improve the ride quality of the road as well as helping to extend the life of the road.

Streets receiving the treatment will be closed during the day that the work is being done, but opened to traffic as soon as the treatment has cured, typically within 10 hours of application.  Citizens are asked to be aware of detours throughout downtown.  Work is not anticipated to affect the Moscow Farmers Market.

Local notifications will be delivered to the areas that will be treated in advance of the work and residents will be given instructions for parking of vehicles and ingress to and egress from the treated areas.

The following areas are part of the 2013 Slurry Seal Project:

  • Brucks, Moser, & Skyview Additions - 16,773 square yards
  • Vista & Moser Additions - 16,527 square yards
  • Indian Hills & Deerfield Additions - 32,069 square yards
  • Main Street (‘A’ St. to 6th St.) -  7,764 square yards


The contractor has finished applying the Slurry Seal for this years program! Thank you for your patients during this process. This is a cost effective pavement surface treatment should help to keep these streets in good condition for years to come.

Maps outlining each of these project areas can be found here.

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