​Well #10 Connection

Last summer Boart-Longyear drilled 991 feet and installed the 24" diameter well casing for the City of Moscow Well #10 at the West edge of 'A' Street. 

Well 10 Site During Drilling

​This well was drilled into the Grande Ronde Aquifer, which is the deeper of the two aquifers available to the City of Moscow, and will provide higher ​​​quality water requiring less treatment.​

The Well #10 Connection project will install approximately 800 linear feet of ductile iron water line that will connect the existing 16-Inch water line in 'A' Street to the existing 12-Inch water line in the Palouse Mall Parking lot that ​​currently connects Well #9 to the City of Moscow distribution system as shown below. 

Well 10 Connection Plan View

​Well #10 Connection Plan

This connection will allow the Well #10 site, once completed, to contribute drinking water and provide redundancy that will ensure the City of Moscow can continue to provide water even if one of the wells must be shut down for repairs or maintenance.

Starting Installation Point from West 'A' Street


The contract for the Well #10 construction project was awarded to Sandry Construction, Inc. from Spokane, Washington. Timeline for construction is currently being established.

Construction Update 9/4/2017

​​Sandry Construction has completed the installation of the water line. The City of Moscow Water Department is disinfecting and testing to ensure that the line will be ready to connect once the Well #10 site is developed. 

​​What is that?

Water Well - A water well is an excavation or structure created in the ground by digging, driving, boring, or drilling to access groundwater in underground aquifers.
Fire Flow - The amount of water supplied to firefighting equipment by a hydrant connected to the water distribution system.
Redundancy - Having additional water sources to ensure if one system needs to be shut down for repairs there is still adequate water being extracted to supply the needs of the Moscow community. 

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