​Mountain View Road Improvements
​​Paradise Creek Bridge to 6th Street

Latest News

  • An Open House was held on September 25th at the Latah County Fairgrou​nds from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. Initial comments on the project were accepted until October 9, 2013.
  • ​The City also hosted a booth at the October 5th Farmers Market to display the information provided at the Open House. Th​ank you everyone who stopped by to discuss the project and provide positive feed back.
  • In November the Concept Report and Draft Environmental Documents are scheduled to be submitted to the Local Highway Technical Assistance Council (LHTAC) for review. Pending approval of the Concept Report, the design phase of the project should begin early 2014.

Project Description

The Mountain View Road Project's purpose is to improve traffic flow and safety between the north end of the Paradise Creek Bridge, adjacent to the Latah County Fairgrounds and approximately 300 feet north White Avenue, north to the intersection of Mountain View and 6th Street.

Potential project features include:

  • Widening the existing 24 foot paved, two lane rural road to a 36 foot wide, two lane, urban road
  • Bicycle lanes where warranted
  • Storm drainage improvements
  • Illumination upgrade
  • Curbs, gutters, sidewalks and tree lawns
  • A possible roundabout at the intersection of Mountain View Road and 6th Street.


A large percentage of the growth that has occurred in the City of Moscow over the last fifteen years has been on the eastern boundary of the city. Mountain View Road is the only existing north-south arterial in this portion of the community and, as such, carries the majority of the increased traffic. In addition, it serves as a primary access route to Moscow Middle School, McDonald Elementary School, Moscow Charter School, the Eggan Youth Center, and the Hamilton-Lowe Recreation Center. It borders the Latah County Fairgrounds, and is also a farm-to-market road for some Palouse area farmers.

The existing two-lane rural roadway is not adequate for the mix of farm haul, commuter, residential, and bicycle/pedestrian traffic. The City of Moscow has completed similar improvements of the roadway to the north and south of the proposed project limits. The proposed project will complete the largest​ remaining section of the road to match those previous improvements, and will provide a safer pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular traffic corridor.