Contact the Engineering Staff

Les MacDonald P.E. - Director of Public Works

Kevin Lilly P.E. - City Engineer

Kevin has been with the City since November 2007; coming to us from the Idaho Transportation Department where he was the Local Roads Engineer. Prior to his nine years there, he worked for the Forest Service and engineering firms in Indiana, Idaho, Colorado, New Mexico, and Washington. Kevin is a graduate of the University of Idaho and has been a resident of Moscow for over 20 years. He manages the Engineering Division of the Public Works Department.

Scott Bontrager P.E. - Assistant City Engineer

Scott has been with the City since June 2011; coming to us from the Washington State Department of Transportation where he spent eight years as a lead designer and project inspector for WSDOT in both the Vancouver and Spokane areas. Scott is a graduate of Gonzaga University and was a Spokane resident for most his life. Scott prepares a variety of plans, specifications, and estimates for City, State and Federally funded infrastructure projects; he reviews a variety of in-house and consultant engineering plans for compliance with City standards; and he oversees the inspection of construction projects for compliance with specifications.

Bob Buvel, P.E. - Staff Engineer

Bob has been with the City since July of 2009; coming to us from the private sector in Missoula, Montana. He has experience with subdivision infrastructure design and contract administration. Bob earned his professional engineering license in 2012. His duties include performing plan reviews, design and drafting of in-house infrastructure projects, construction surveying, and inspection.

Ron Crumley - Principal Engineering Technician

Ron has been with the Engineering Department since July 1984, performing project design and drafting while overseeing and coordinating all public works survey operations. Ron now supervises the engineering technicians and interns while managing project design operations. Ron reviews developer plats, writes and reviews legal descriptions, easements, and dedications, and manages permit applications for right-of-way excavations, parades and street closures.

Kenn Kipp - Engineering Technician II

Kenn has been with the City since April 2001 performing survey, drafting and inspection duties. Kenn is also proficient in tracking project work elements, project management and is familiar with Idaho Transportation Department construction practices.

Carey Edwards - Engineering Technician II

Carey has been with the City since March 1999 performing drafting, record update and planning research duties. Carey has converted most of the hard copy City record maps to digital format. The Draftsman also updates and maintains the City of Moscow vehicle accident records and reports.

Jason Lefler - Engineering Technician II


Jason has been with the City since January of 2013; coming to us from the Washington State Department of Transportation where he spent ten years performing design, construction inspection, and maintenance on the highway system. His duties include performing ​design and drafting of in-house infrastructure projects, construction surveying, and inspection.

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  • Engineering Division
    Kevin Lilly - Deputy Director - Engineering
    City Engineer
    Paul Mann Building
    221 E. Second Street
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  • Streets & Fleet
    Water & Wastewater Divisions

    Tyler Palmer - Deputy Director - Operations
    650 W. Van Buren
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  • Wastewater Treatment Plant
    Todd J. Swanstrom - Wastewater Supervisor
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  • Special Projects
    Tom Scallorn - Special Projects Manager
    201 N. Main Street
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