Entryway Beautification Project

The character and beauty of entryways ​​into a city can have a great impact on economic development and leave a lasting impression on visitors and residents​. On April 2, 2012 the Moscow City Council identified the improvement of the City's entryways as a Council Goal during the Council's 2013 goal setting session as:

"Develop improvement plans for the beautification of public right-of-way at city entrances by 2014." FY2013 Moscow City Council Goals.

This goal was further refined by the City Council to consider the City entryways not only as discrete locations, but rather as continuous corridors​ beginning at the City entryways and continuing to the City's downtown area.

The Entryway Beautification Project is intended to examine the aesthetic condition of Moscow's principal arterial corridors and identify improvement opportunities that could positively impact the community's appearance and character. This includes both the examination of improvements that may occur within the public rights-of-way, such as landscaping and roadway enhancements, as well as potential amendments to private development standards for the City Council's consideration. 
This Project is being guided by a Steering Committee that includes representatives of a variety of community stakeholder groups including corridor business and property owners,  Moscow City Council, Moscow Chamber of Commerce,  University of Idaho,  Idaho Department of Transportation, Latah County and the City's Planning and Arts Commissions.

Public Open House

A public open house for the Entryway Beautification Project was held ​​Wednesday, September 18th, at City Hall. For those who were not able to attend the open house and would like to provide input or learn more about the project, the project boards will be on display on the first floor of City Hall through Friday, September 20th. Input can be provided directly on the boards with the stickers provided, or by filling out a comment card.​