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The Services Division’s goal is to provide a professional quality service to community members, people visiting the City of Moscow, other City entities and the other divisions within the Moscow Police Department. The Division strives to accomplish this by implementing the five goals of the Moscow Police Department: Excellence, Integrity, Pride, Compassion and Service. Our Division has a close working relationship with the City of Moscow Prosecutor's office and the Latah County Prosecutor's office, and also oversees and works with the Humane Society of the Palouse.

The Services Division consists of the following personnel: The Records Manager's duties include entering NIBRS (State and Federal crime reporting), information into the National Crime Information Center, managing the Spillman reporting system, and processing reports for crimes against persons as well as case management.

The Property Manager manages all evidence and found property and items for safekeeping. The Property Manager processes requests for evidence from the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and oversees the City of Moscow auction.

The two Records Technicians' duties include managing the reception area of the Moscow Police Department, handling parking ticket payments, and issuing parking permits. The Records Technicians also process Spillman reports for all property crimes within the City of Moscow.

The two Parking Enforcement Specialists provide parking enforcement in the downtown Moscow area as well as in residential areas. Parking Enforcement handles complaints on 48-hour abandoned vehicles, deliver snow route notices to owners of vehicles on the roadway, place boots on vehicles with unpaid tickets, and handle billing notices for unpaid tickets.

The Code Enforcement Officer handles all animal complaints, complaints about snow removal, weed complaints, as well as vision obstruction both on the roadway and sidewalks. The Code Enforcement officer also handles complaints about junk properties; i.e. vehicles and trash and impounds all abandoned bicycles.

The Investigation Unit investigates all major crimes and has specialized skills in collection of biological forensic and computer forensic evidence. See the Investigations link for additional services.

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