Property & Evidence Management

The Property Manager for the Moscow Police Department is Mariah Atkinson.  Who has held this position since July 2009.

There are many reasons why property is held at the Moscow Police Department:

  • Evidence
  • Found
  • Safekeeping
  • Recovered Stolen

If your property is seized as evidence it cannot be claimed until it is released by the City or County Prosecutor's office.

Found property is stored for 90 days.  After that time it is either destroyed or auctioned.  If we can locate an owner's address he or she is mailed a postcard notifying them of how to claim their property.  He or she may also receive an email or a phone call depending on what information is located.

Items taken for safekeeping could be anything the jail won't accept when a person is arrested or any item(s) that are taken for storage because it can't be left where it is currently located even though it is not associated with any crime.  These items can be claimed during the Property Manager business hours.

Recovered stolen items may be claimed when released by the City or County Prosecutor's Office.

If you need to claim your property please call 208.883.7055 to make an appointment with the Property Manager, please bring photo I.D. to your appointment.

Property Manager Mariah Atkinson 

Property Manager Mariah Atkinson

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We are located at:

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