Records Management

The Records Supervisor managed 12,194 case records during 2014. During 2014 the department recorded 51 new bike licenses and issued 151 dog licenses. Following up on false business alarms the Records Section was able to recover $1,700.00 for expenses in responding to malfunctioning or employee error alarms. 

The Records Technicians are responsible for public service assistance through the front lobby. Tim Smalldridge and Kirstin Meyer continue to provide exceptional customer service in this function since the department transferred dispatching duties to Whitcom in June 2004. The front lobby service hours are from
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Services offered by our Records Technicians are:

  • Phone inquires and transfers
  • Freedom of information requests
  • Receiving and recording parking citations and fines
  • Processing false alarms
  • Balancing  cash register receipts
  • Criminal history checks
  • Idaho Law Enforcement Telecommunication System (ILETS) entries and purges
  • Posting the daily press log.

They also perform numerous other record-keeping duties as well as manage a myriad of requests by department members and the public.

The Records Technicians receive assistance at the front lobby from our volunteer reception personnel. During 2014 we had two volunteers who participated in the program. Sis Clift and Dennis Cochran devoted 52.2 volunteer hours to serve their community and our department.

Jackie Lovell will be retiring in May 2015 with just under 31 years of service with our department. Shawn Cothren will assume this position and is currently training to make this change a smooth transition.

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