​Moscow City Code

Note: The code as displayed herein is for reference purposes only. Accuracy and completeness are not guaranteed. To obtain the official version of any provision of this document, please contact Laurie M. Hopkins, City Clerk, at Moscow City Hall, 206 East 3rd Street, PO Box 9203, Moscow, ID 83843.

All sections of the City Code are in .pdf format and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them

(Code updated through September 10, 2017)

Title 01 ​- General

Title 02 - Administration

Title 03 - Commissions and Boards

Title 04 - Land Use Regulations (Zoning Code)

Title 05 - Public Ways and Property

Title 06 - Mobile Home and Recreational Vehicle Parks

​​​​​​Tit​le 07 - Construction Regulations

Title 08 - Franchises and Private Utility Regulations

Title 09 - Business Regulations

Title 10 - Police Regulations

​Title 11 - Traffic