City Contracts & Agreements

Date: 04/14/2014
Effective: 03/31/2014
Entity: Knox Concrete LLC

City-wide Sidewalk Replacement Project 2014

Date: 04/09/2014
Entity: McCall's Classic Construction, Inc.

Pedestrian Curb Ramp Improvement Project 2014

Date: 04/07/2014
Entity: Shull Brothers

weed spraying services upon City property and rights-of-way to contraol and eradicate harmful weeds

Date: 04/01/2014
Entity: ABM Janitorial Services - South Central Inc

Janitorial services for City Hall, Moscow Police Station, Eggan Youth Center, Fire Station No. 3, the Hamilton Indoor Recreation Center (HIRC), City Shop, Water Department [two (2) buildings], Waste Water Treatment Plant, Paul Mann Building, and the Intermodal Transit Center

Date: 03/13/2014
Entity: Larry Ellingson

Purchase of one commissioned two foot by three foot original sculpture composed of upcycle and reuse material from the City of Moscow Street Shop

Date: 02/19/2014
Effective: 02/19/2014
Entity: JUB Engineers, Inc

A non-transferable, non-exclusive license to use the City GIS digital orthophotography

Date: 02/18/2014
Entity: Idaho Transportation Department

Upgrade curb ramps along US95 within the City limits; key No 13890; Agreement No. 6196

Date: 02/03/2014
Effective: 06/03/1991
Entity: Southeast Moscow Water and Sewer District

Agreement to extend the current agreement for the Southeast Moscow Water and Sewer District to a term ending July 1, 2014

Date: 01/31/2014
Entity: Idaho Transportation Department

Installation of pedestrian safety improvements along Sixth Street at six intersections between Asbury and Jefferson; Key number 13894; Agreement No. 6191

Date: 01/22/2014
Recorded Document# 563755
Entity: McConnell Building Association

Agreement at 104 South Main Street between City of Moscow and McConnell Building Association to encroach upon City-owned alley right-of-way to allow the continued presence of two bollards and an electrical switch box

Date: 01/22/2014
Entity: Latah County

Agreement between City of Moscow and Latah County in reference to a conditional use permit and rezoning of 520 East Sixth Street

Date: 01/16/2014
Entity: JUB Engineers, Inc.

Agreement between City of Moscow and JUB Engineers, Inc. for additional professional services relating to the Waste Water Treatment Plant Temperature Evaluation Study

Date: 01/07/2014
Entity: Nez Perce Tribe

Amending the antenna co-location agreement between Nez Perce Tribe and City of Moscow to change the installation locations and equipment

Date: 01/07/2014
Entity: Nez Perce Tribe

Fiber optic lease agreement between City of Moscow and Nez Perce Tribe for a period of three years for one fiber route consisting of one dark fiber optic cable strand from City Hall to Eggan Youth Center

Date: 09/09/2013
Effective: 09/09/2013
Entity: Daniel and Mary Worsham

Project STP-M-7564(004), Key No: 03546, Parcel 20 of the A Street project

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