City Contracts & Agreements

Date: 08/11/2014
Entity: Germer Construction Inc.

Provision of security for erosion and sediment control for grading of Kestrel Apartments

Date: 08/04/2014
Recorded Document# 567297
Entity: Deborah L. Klein-Robertson and James F. Robertson

Partially encroach upon street right-of-way by the presence of a segmental block wall and wood fence

Date: 07/25/2014
Effective: 07/25/2014
Entity: Trindera Engineering, Inc

Agreement for professional electrical engineering services for the City of Moscow's SE Lift Station emergency power

Date: 07/30/2014
Effective: 07/30/2014
Entity: William A Shields

Outside employment as part time police officer for Uniontown, each agrees to hold the other party to this Agreement harmless from any claim for damages arising from Shields's actions

Date: 07/25/2014
Recorded Document# 567103
Entity: G&G Development, LLC

Amendment to development agreement for the replat of Parkview Estates Addition, Lot 1, Block 1

Date: 07/23/2014
Entity: Thompson Development, LLC

Lot 2 of Block 6 of the Indian Hills 6th Addition

Date: 07/22/2014
Entity: Idaho Transportation Department

North Polk Street safety improvements - Construction and maintenance of Project #A013(448); Key number 13448, Agreement #6264

Date: 07/22/2014
Entity: City of Pullman, Washington

Airport Joint Operation Agreement for the purposes of financing, constructing, improving, and operating an airport through the agency of the Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport Board

Date: 07/18/2014
Entity: AEI Engineering, Inc

Agreement to provide engineering design services related to improvements to City fo Moscow Well #9, including emergency electrical power supply and variable frequency controller

Date: 07/03/2014
Recorded Document# 566983
Entity: University City Property Management, LLC

A temporary non-exclusive easement for the purpose of ingress and egress during construction of the City of Moscow 'A' Street Project No. STP-7564(004), including the right to enter upon, occupy and use property

Date: 06/17/2014
Entity: Department of Environmental Quality

Loan offer, acceptance and agreement from the Drinking Water Treatment Facility Loan Account to construct a new well, well house and booster station

Date: 06/12/2014
Entity: Julene Ewert

Purchase of one (1) commissioned Traffic Box Vinyl Wrap design generally depicting colorful chickens and elephants riding bicycles

Date: 06/11/2014
Entity: Inland Oasis, Inc.

Agreement to defend, to hold harmless and to indemnify, between the City of Moscow and Inland Oasis, Inc. to which Inland Oasis, Inc. might otherwise be immune, arising from Palouse Pride Festival event scheduled to occur August 9, 2014, permitted under the terms of Resolution #2014-07.

Date: 06/10/2014
Entity: JUB Engineers, Inc

Agreement to complete Scope of Services described herein as providing professional engineering and surveying services to design and manage the Southwest Sewer Trunk Line Phase IV construction project which shall conform to Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and City of Moscow standards

Date: 06/10/2014
Entity: Iris Mayes

Purchase of one (1) commissioned Traffic Box Vinyl Wrap design denerally depicting a pig looking into a mirror and smaller pigs flying in a landscape setting

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