City Planning and Zoning Commission Invites Input on Urban Agriculture

The Moscow Planning and Zoning Commission will conduct a public listening session at on Wednesday, March 27th regarding the potential amendment of the City Zoning Code to permit and establish standards for Urban Agriculture activities within the City of Moscow.


Food production with the City has the potential to provide many health, environmental, and economic benefits to the City and its residents.  Currently, the City's zoning code does not ​adequately address these types of agricultural activities including both the allowance for these activities to legally occur, or the provision of general standards to ensure that conflicts between land uses are adequately managed.  It is always important to consider how our health, neighborhood livability and the environment could be impacted by any potential public policy decision.  New zoning code standards could clearly provide for the allowance of urban agriculture uses within Moscow, while including operational standards to mitigate potential conflicts, to help the community enjoy the benefits of growing, distributing, or selling food in Moscow.


This is the second listen session to be conducted by the Commission on this topic and all interested parties and encouraged to attend the public listening session that will be held at 7:30 PM in Council Chambers of City Hall located at 206 E. Third Street.  Materials and the draft ordinance pertaining to this matter are available on the web at or at the Community Development Department offices located at 221 E. Second Street.

Date: 03/22/2013
Story Contact: Bill Belknap, Community Development Director
Phone: 208.883.7011