Reminder - Backflow Protection Required for Irrigation Systems

The City of Moscow Water Department wants to remind residents that irrigation systems require backflow protection.  The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality Rules, IDAPA 58.01.08, “Idaho Rules for Public Drinking Water Systems” and Moscow City Code Title 7, Chapter 9 require that all irrigation systems, existing or new, shall be equipped with an approved backflow prevention assembly, and shall be inspected and tested annually by a State of Idaho licensed backflow assembly tester.  

Irrigation systems comprise the majority of the assemblies installed throughout Moscow.  The City of Moscow Water Department sends out annual reminders to those that have assemblies, notifying them that the annual test needs to be completed.  It is recommended that the test be completed during the initial start-up of the system each spring.  Test results are filed with the City of Moscow Water Department.

Backflow assemblies are necessary to help prevent contaminates from entering the public water supply through what is known as backflow.  This generally occurs when the pressure in the system changes, allowing contaminated water from the ground, from storage or from other sources to be drawn up into the system. 

The protection of Moscow’s water supply is of critical importance to the safety of Moscow and its citizens. If you have any questions about your irrigation system, or if you know that your irrigation system is not protected by a backflow prevention assembly and would like a list of licensed professionals who can install and test the appropriate assembly, please contact Ty Thompson, Environmental Field Technician by email at or by phone at 208.883.7111.

Date: 03/29/2013
Story Contact: Ty Thompson, Environmental Field Technician
Phone: 208.883.7111