Aggressive Driving Emphasis Patrol

The Moscow Police Department will participate in an Aggressive Driving Mobilization emphasis from April 5 through April 14, 2013. The goal of this project is to reduce motor vehicle crashes, injuries and deaths caused by aggressive driving behaviors through enhanced law enforcement activities and through local media outreach conducted by participating departments. The Moscow Police Department, in conjunction with agencies statewide, will focus efforts on education and awareness as they pertain to aggressive driving. 

Idaho Transportation Department statistics show aggressive driving is “the highest single contributing factor in both injury and fatal crashes.”  The behaviors that define aggressive driving are: failure to yield the right-of-way, stop sign violations, exceeding the posted speed, too fast for conditions, reckless driving, following too close and disregarding traffic signals.

The goal of zero deaths on Idaho’s roadways must be pursued through a joint effort. The Idaho Transportation Department, MPD, and law enforcement throughout the state have committed to education, awareness, and enforcement. Please do your part, drive carefully.

Date: 04/03/2013
Story Contact: Lt. Paul Kwiatkowski
Phone: 208.883.7067