Weed Spraying Scheduled

Beginning on Monday, May 13, 2013, Shull Brothers Weed Control will be spraying weeds according to the City of Moscow Street Department weed spraying contract. This spraying will continue throughout the spring and summer seasons as needed.

Spraying is a primary method of controlling noxious weeds. Herbicide is sprayed on selected streets, street cracks, and alleys, along curb edges, in cracks where sidewalks abut curbs, around dead-end street barricades, bridges, guardrails and fire hydrants on City rights-of-way. Chemicals to be used include; Krovar I, Banvel, Transline, Telar, Surflan, RII, R900XC, Nalcotrol, Sahara, Dimension, Vengeance, Plainview, Oust, Hyvar, Round-up, Rodeo, 2, 4-D, Arsenal, Milestone, Escort, Gallery and Edict. Applications will include a wetting agent and drift retardant.

Any resident who wishes not to have their street or curb edge sprayed in front of their residence and/or adjacent alley and is willing to control weeds themselves can be placed on a "No Spray List" for the season.  Call or email Tammy Gray with the City of Moscow Street Department at 208.883.7097 or by email at tgray@ci.moscow.id.us.

Date: 04/19/2013
Story Contact: Tammy Gray, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 208.883.7097
Email: tgray@ci.moscow.id.us