City of Moscow Youth Scholarship Program Closed

The City of Moscow Youth Scholarship Program for Parks and Recreation activities is closed due to depletion of available City authorized funds and donations.  As of June 6, 2013, a total of $19,000, $18,000 from City funds and $1,000, from donations has been expended. 

The program will be closed until such time as new funds become available. The fund is currently accepting donations. 

Donations may be mailed to:

Youth Scholarship Program

ATTN: Parks and Recreation

PO Box 9203

Moscow, ID 83843

Or dropped off at:

Hamilton Indoor Recreation Center

1724 East 'F' Street

Moscow, Idaho


Moscow City Hall

206 E Third Street

Moscow, Idaho

The City of Moscow Youth Scholarship Program is a City of Moscow program designed to assure that the youth of Moscow have a means to participate in City recreational activities regardless of parent or guardian ability to pay. The program has been in place in one form or another for years, but because of severe economic conditions, the present program policy was implemented by the City Council in 2009.

For more information on the City of Moscow Parks and Recreation program, the youth scholarship and current funding status, and to see the current policy, visit  

Date: 06/07/2013
Story Contact: Dwight Curtis, Parks and Recreation Director
Phone: 208.883.7087