Independence Day Fireworks

During the Independence Day holiday we often celebrate with family, friends, and fireworks and it is imperative that we all understand the laws regarding fireworks.  In Idaho, Non-Aerial Common Fireworks are allowed to be sold and used beginning midnight on June 23rd until midnight on July 5th. 

"Non-Aerial Common Fireworks" are defined as any fireworks such as ground spinners, fountains, sparklers, smoke devices or snakes designed to remain on or near the ground and not to travel outside a fifteen foot diameter circle or emit sparks or other burning material which land outside a twenty foot diameter circle or above a height of twenty feet. These types of familiar fireworks are known as "safe and sane."   If you are caught discharging non-aerial common fireworks outside of the permitted dates, your fireworks can be confiscated and you can be subject to a misdemeanor criminal charge that may result in a fine and or jail time

 Illegal fireworks are prohibited at any time and the use of these dangerous explosives may result in the issuance of criminal charges.  Illegal fireworks are those commonly known as firecrackers, bottle rockets, cherry bombs, roman candles or other explosive devices that do not meet the definition of Non-Aerial Common Fireworks.  Illegal fireworks are not available for purchase within the City of Moscow. 

Residents are asked to please remember that fireworks can cause injuries and are a fire danger if stored or ignited incorrectly.  Enjoy the holiday and celebrate safely!

Date: 06/26/2013
Story Contact: Lt. Paul Kwiatkowski
Phone: 208.883.7067