Political Sign Placement and Care

​Political advertisements and signs may be posted on private property in the City sixty (60) days preceding the first day of a primary, caucus or final election and can remain posted until seven (7) days after the final election for the office which is the subject of the political sign. 

Political signs are not allowed in public street right-of-ways, tree lawns between public sidewalks and public streets, nor on public property for safety reasons (including preservation of sight lines near intersections, ease of tree lawn and sidewalk maintenance, etc.); and because the City attempts to remain neutral regarding candidates and political parties.  The political advertisement Code only applies to City owned property and property within a public right-of-way.

Political signs displayed on private residential properties are limited to six (6) square feet of total area per sign and signs displayed on private commercial properties are limited to thirty-two (32) square feet in size.

Removal of properly placed signs by any individual other than the owner of the sign is prohibited.  Vandalism of signs is considered a misdemeanor and will be enforced as such by the Moscow Police Department.

Where a sign is considered to be in violation of the City's political advertisement Code, the City typically attempts to contact either the property owner (to ask the property owner to move the sign off the public right-of-way and onto their own private property), or the City calls the person identified on the sign as the contact person and requests the sign be relocated.

On some occasions (particularly where a political sign is placed without permission on City public property), the City will remove the sign, then call the contact person to inform them that they can pick up the sign and relocate it.

A copy of the entire political advertisement segment of the City Code can be found on line at http://www.ci.moscow.id.us/records/CityCode/T04,C06.pdf or a copy can be obtained from the City Clerk, Stephanie Kalasz at 208.883.7015.

Date: 10/02/2013
Story Contact: Gary J. Riedner, City Supervisor
Phone: 208.883.7006
Email: griedner@ci.moscow.id.us