Sanitation - Our Mission

The Sanitation Division of the Finance Department strives to build community confidence by actively exploring and assessing viable new technologies and opportunities in the management of the waste stream which protects the health, safety and cleanliness of the City of Moscow. Deliver quality, efficient and effective solid waste sanitation services and programs to the community at a good value. Deliver a system which encourages the reduction of solid waste and remains flexible and readily adaptable to the complexities of growth, change and customer service needs. Design sanitation programs which recognize the fiscal and environmental responsibilities entrusted us. The Sanitation Division continually strives to improve neighborhood collection day aesthetics and conditions, promotes "product stewardship" and producer responsibility and informs the public through the waste reduction education program efforts to rethink, reduce, reuse and recycle.

The Sanitation Division is headed by Tim Davis – Sanitation Operations Manager.

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