​Roll Cart Automated Solid Waste Collection Frequently Asked Questions

What is automated solid waste collection?

Automated collection utilizes mechanical lifting devises to lift and empty specialized solid waste roll carts into collection vehicles. There are two methods of automated collection. "Fully-automated" collection vehicles use a mechanical arm, operated from the cab of the collection vehicle, to lift and empty the roll carts from the side of the vehicle. "Semi-automated" collection uses lifting plates, mounted on the rear of the vehicle, to which collection crews wheel the roll cart and hydraulically lift and empty. Both methods will be utilized.

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Why implement roll carts and automated collection in Moscow?

The City of Moscow has researched the benefits, municipal waste collection best practices and feasibility of a roll cart based system to satisfy a goal of the 2011 Sanitation Strategic Plan endorsed by the Sustainable Environment Commission and adopted by City Council. The City is always working to find ways to improve collection services, efficiency and manage costs. The roll carts have hinged attached lids, convenient handle, wheels for ease of maneuverability and a long life expectancy. Many lids, from garbage cans used in the past, were missing or had long since blown away. Moscow receives over 27 inches of precipitation annually. This adds hundreds of unnecessary and preventable tons of water weight each year, to the waste stream and storm water system. This adds thousands of $$$$ each year to disposal costs. One garbage can, with a missing lid, can contribute over 300 pounds per year in preventable water weight to the waste stream. The roll carts enhance neighborhood health, safety, cleanliness and aesthetics.

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When will the roll cart collection program begin?

The implementation is August 1, 2013. You will likely have your new roll cart delivered prior to that date. Older garbage cans will no longer be serviced due to the incompatibility with the automated collection equipment.

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How does it​​​ work?

Each home may choose an easy-to-use roll cart, from 35, 65 and 95 gallon capacities, that best fits their individual needs. Simply place bagged garbage into the cart, ensure the lid is fully closed and roll it to the curb or alley, leaving the handle facing your home and free (3 feet) from any obstacles or other carts, on your regular collection day. Roll carts must be placed out for collection by 7:00 a.m. on collection day and must be promptly removed from the curbline or collection area(s) by no later than 12:00 p.m. (noon) the next day following the scheduled collection day.

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What if I sometimes have more garbage than fits in my roll cart?

It is important that customers choose a roll cart size that adequately contains their waste the vast majority of the time. If you have more garbage than fits in your roll cart, it will be subject to additional fees. Garbage tags will no longer be used or accepted beginning August 1, 2013. The monthly fee for the next larger sized roll cart will be less expensive than a single extra garbage fee. The appropriate sized roll cart choice, allows the space for occasional extra volume. It is also important to remember when filling the roll cart, materials should not be packed down, but placed loosely in the cart. Roll carts will not empty properly if materials are packed tightly. Remember​, it is not required or encouraged to fully fill you roll cart each week.

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Shouldn't residents that produce more waste pay more?

Yes. The City of Moscow has a "volume based" system. The variable size, variable rate system allows residents to choose a roll cart size that best fits their needs. In this utility-like arrangement, the amount customers pay is proportionate to their level of trash service. Volume based billing reflects the ideology that residents who produce more landfill waste should be charged accordingly. Tailoring the size of the roll cart to the amount of waste produced and charging a higher fee for larger cart sizes encourages residents to recycle and reduce the amount of waste disposed.

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Do I need t​o buy a roll cart?

No. The roll cart(s) will be supplied by the City's franchised solid waste collection company, Latah Sanitation, Inc. (LSI). The carts will remain the property of LSI. They will be registered to your specific property and service address (via serial number and RFID) and will stay with that address should you move.

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What if my roll cart is lost, stolen or damaged?​​​

Latah Sanitation, Inc. (LSI) will replace lost or stolen roll carts, subject to a replacement fee. Damaged roll carts, due to normal wear and tear, will be repaired or replaced, at no cost, by LSI. Damaged roll carts, due to misuse or abuse, will be repaired or replaced by LSI and may be subject to repair or replacement fee.

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What if I want to change the size of my roll cart?

New services may request one size change, within the first sixty (60) days, free of charge. Size change requests following this initial period, will be subject to additional charges. Roll cart size changes are generally conducted on your scheduled collection day. Crews will exchange carts after the routes are completed. This allows crews to exchange your cart after it has been emptied. Call the City of Moscow Utility Billing Office at 208.883.7043 to request service changes.

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What if my collection ​is missed?

If your garbage is missed, call Latah Sanitation, Inc. (LSI) as soon as possible at 208.882.5724. In most cases your garbage can be collected the same day or by 5:00 p.m. the following work day. LSI will provide one (1) free return service per calendar year. Depending on the circumstances, additional return services may be subject to an additional fee.

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