Why Conserve

Palouse Issues

  • The water levels in the Grande Ronde Aquifer, the main source of drinking water for there area have historically been dropping.
  • Costs of developing new water resources are high.
  • About 70 percent of the water consumed by Moscow City residents comes from the Grande Ronde aquifer.
  • As Moscow's population grows, so does our water use Moscow water users can change water use habits and use low water requiring devices and landscaping to reduce the total amount of water pumped each year.

Worldwide Issues

  • Only 1% of all the water on earth is available for human consumption.
  • This amount of water is adequate if we take care of our supply by reducing our use and ensuring that drinking water sources are kept clean.
  • While we are not in danger of running out of water in Moscow, it is each of our responsibilities to do what we can to limit our water usage.
  • If each of us does our part we can ensure plentiful, clean water for generations to come.

Price Does Not Equal Value

The monetary price for water is not representative of the value and the need for water in our society. A can of soda costs about 50 cents, while that same amount of money buys 223 gallons of water. People can live without soda, no one can live without water.

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