2022 Completed Construction Projects

Accessibility Assistance

If you need ADA accessible assistance or feel this or any other City of Moscow project is impacting your ability to access public services, please email the City of Moscow or call 208-883-7600.

2022 Projects:

  • Mountain View Road Safety Improvements 
    This project included modifications and upgrades that were intended to improve the traffic flow and safety between the Paradise Creek Bridge, adjacent to the Latah County Fairgrounds (approximately 300 feet north of White Avenue), and the intersection of Mountain View Road and 6th Street. For more information click here 
  • Taylor Ave Water Booster Station Supply Line Upgrade
    This project included construction of approximately 854 linear feet of 10” C900-16 water main as well as reconstruction of the westbound lane of Taylor Avenue from Blake Avenue to Walenta Drive. Construction of water main included a new hydrant, air relief, pressure relief valve, associated fittings/valves, and connection to existing water mains. Reconstruction of the westbound Taylor Avenue lane consisted of removal of existing asphalt surface and 8” of existing base/subgrade for installation of new geotextile, base rock, and superpave HMA surfacing. To view detour map for the project click here  Taylor Detour Map

  • Paul Mann Building Restoration  
    This project included the removal of existing TPO roofing, as well as temporary relocation of rooftop and wall-mounted accessories such as mechanical unit, ventilation pipes, conduit, drains and downspouts, etc. Contractor furnished and installed new (20 year) TPO roofing including additional insulation, accessories, and slope build-up as required in the contract drawings, as well as installed new scuppers and fascia at roof edge and overhangs. Within the scope of this project was mitigation and repair of cracks in vertical CMU and CIP concrete walls by use of epoxies and silicone sealants. After remediation, the base bid included a painted finish at exterior walls – some locations received a fluid-applied weatherproofing under rigid insulation and a Metal Wall Panel and Plank system with integral rainscreen barrier. Windows, doors, soffits, and storefront received paint, flashing, sealants, as indicated in the drawings

  • South Lift Station Force Main Replacement 
    This project included the upgrades to the South Lift Station sanitary sewer force main with 2500 linear feet of new larger diameter sewer main to increase capacity and allow for future development on the south side of Moscow. Work included tie in’s to existing pipes, sidewalk and pavement restoration, and a meter vault. These upgrades will allow for redundancy for the lift station operations and provide additional capacity for future developments.

  • South US95 Sewer/ Water Extension
    This project included construction of approximately 1900 linear feet of sanitary sewer main, 950 linear feet of water main as well as surface restoration in parking lots and US95.  Construction of water main included a new hydrant, associated fittings/valves, and connection to existing water mains.  Sewer main installation included manholes, services, crossing under the S. Fork of The Palouse River and connection to the existing lift station.

  • LHSIP- Sidewalk Safety Improvements on Third Street  
    This project included the removal and replacement of the existing sidewalk, pedestrian ramps, and added illumination along the Third Street corridor from Lieuallen to Jackson Street. For more information click here 

  • Children Pedestrian Safety Project
    This project took place at two separate locations: the intersection of Mountain View Road and D Street and the corner of Cleveland Street and B Street. The project improved pedestrian safety and provided ADA compliance as well as created a more accessible drop-off site at the dead-end south of Oylear Field and connected the current pathway system. 

  • Asphalt Rubber Chip Seal- Pavement Preservation Project
    This project consisted of applying an Asphalt Rubber Chip Seal (Type II) followed by a Fog Seal at the following locations:

chip seal

  • Paradise Pathway Lighting Project Phase II
    The second phase of this project included bollards and overhead lighting installed along the pathway utilizing conduit placed during phase one. The purpose of the lighting is to improve nighttime visibility through the corridor.