Traffic Safety Unit

The Moscow Police Department provides traffic safety services to our local residents, to our University of Idaho campus colleagues, regional commuters, and a multitude of seasonal visitors.

Officer Eric Warner is currently the department's dedicated full-time traffic oEric Warnerfficer.  He provides educational contacts to commuters, helping with issues related to engineering problems, and enforcing the traffic codes.

Officer Eric Warner serves the important liaison with the Office of Highway Safety Division. One of his primary duties is working in conjunction with Idaho Department of Transportation on emphasis and directed patrols.  He also works directly with local media, the Moscow School District and University students and staff to raise awareness so drivers are more cognizant of their surroundings and of pedestrians and bicyclists. Over 15% of the City’s commuters either walk or bike to work or school which is much higher than the national average. Most of the University students live off campus and commute daily either by walking, bicycling or driving. As a result, one third of reported injury accidents involve pedestrians and bicycles.

Motorcycle Officer

Officer Warner is also our trained motorcycle officer.  The maneuverability of the motorcycle on congested streets offer advantages not provided by our larger police vehicles.  The motorcycle’s relatively small size allows it to get to scenes more quickly when incidents such as traffic collisions slow down access by police vehicles.  Motorcycles are also used for community events, escorts and as educational tools.

Warner on Motorcycle