2023 Construction Projects

Accessibility Assistance

If you need ADA accessible assistance or feel this or any other City of Moscow project is impacting your ability to access public services, please email the City of Moscow or call 208-883-7600.

2023 Projects:

  • Sixth Street Crossing Over Paradise Creek Bridge Reconstruction
    Sixth Street Crossing Over Paradise Creek consists of demolition and removal of the existing bridge, construction of a new bridge, demolition of existing utility lines, installation and tie in of new utility lines, and surface repair.

  • Booster Station Replacement - Phase II Rebid
    Moscow Booster Station Replacement – Phase II Rebid consists construction of two (2) new booster pump stations, Indian Hills and Ponderosa, including site work, piping, pumps and all appurtenances, electrical and controls. The construction of the two new booster stations will help provide energy and water treatment efficiency while providing our City Water Operators the tools necessary to analyze and deliver quality water in our distribution system. 

  • Paradise Pathway Lighting Project - Phase II
    Paradise Pathway Lighting Project - Phase II includes the installation of bollards and overhead lighting along the pathway utilizing the conduit placed during phase one of the project. The purpose of the lighting along the pathway is to improve nighttime visibility through the corridor. 

  • Mountain View Park Restroom Remodel 
    This project consists of renovating an existing structure to transform two multi-occupant restroom spaces (Men’s, Women’s) into four unisex, single-occupant restrooms meeting ADA requirements. One of the restrooms will be heated and insulated in order to remain open year-round. The project scope involves light exterior demolition and preparations for two new building entrances, which includes installation of new doors and hardware. In the building interior, new CMU walls will divide the two existing restrooms into four. Existing plumbing infrastructure will be modified to accommodate the changes, and plumbing and electrical scopes to be modified as necessary to meet current code requirements. A combination of existing and new toilets, sinks, and bathroom accessories to be reinstalled. Lights throughout the space to be upgraded to LED type luminaires, and the spaces are to receive a painted finish and additional signage. 

  • Library Concrete Pedestrian Entrance Restoration Project
    This project consists of the installation of concrete sidewalk, stairs, and handrail in front of the Moscow Public Library along the Jefferson Street entrance. 

  • Good Samaritan Pathway Restoration Project
    This project includes approximately 700’ of HMA overlay to the existing pathway as well as removing and replacing approximately 800’ of the existing pathway.  Restoration of the Good Samaritan pathway includes crushed aggregate base, subgrade separation geotextile, as well as restoring existing landscaping.

  • North Jackson Street Parking Lot Pavement Project 
    This project consists of the replacement of existing asphalt and sidewalk at the North Jackson Street Parking lot on the 300 block of N. Jackson. The project includes removal of existing asphalt, curb and sidewalk. This includes excavation down to new subgrade prep. Approximately 550 square yards of asphalt and with curbing, drainage and sidewalk will be installed. 

  • Lincoln South of Public Sewer Project
    This project consists of the removal and installation of sanitary manholes of varying depth, the abandonment of sanitary sewer main, the removal of sanitary sewer main, and the installation of 8, 6, and 4” PVC sanitary sewer main. The installation of new sanitary sewer main includes the reconnection of existing sanitary sewer services, the installation of sanitary sewer service pipe, the, paving of all removed asphalt roadway, placement of asphalt tailings on similar roadway, and the operation of a temporary bypass pump to allow connection of the new sanitary system to the existing without disruption of sewer service. 

  • Lilly Street Reconstruction
    This project includes the reconstruction of Lilly Street, from State Highway 8 to 'A' Street. The reconstruction work includes full depth street pavement replacement, sidewalk replacement, waterline replacement, storm sewer replacement, and sanitary sewer replacement within the street. Pedestrian curb ramps at intersections will also be replaced as needed to be in compliance with ADA requirements. The base bid also includes the realignment of Hog Creek, including replacement of a box culvert under Lilly Street, block wingwalls, excavation of a new creek channel, block wall, precast elbow, twin 54” culverts and precast headwall.  
    This project’s add alternate includes the reconstruction of First Street, from Lieuallen Street to Lilly Street. The reconstruction work includes full depth street pavement replacement, sidewalk replacement, installation of new waterline, and new stormwater facilities. 
  • Pullman Highway Transmission Water Main 
    This project includes the construction of approximately 3086 linear feet of water main, as well as surface restoration of parking lots, highway, street, sidewalks and green strips. Construction of water main includes new hydrants, associated fittings/valves, thrust restraint, and connection to existing water mains.

  • Almon Asbury Alley Paving Project
    This project consists of the paving of the alley between Almon Street and Asbury Street from Sixth Street north to the existing pavement at Third Street. The project also includes the replacement of approximately 1200 linear feet of existing sanitary sewer main and installation of storm water collection and conveyance. 

  • Palouse Mall AC Water Main Replacement
    This project consists of the removal of; approximately 735 feet of 12 inch asbestos cement water main, drainage structure, manholes, fire hydrants, bituminous surface, sidewalk, and curb & gutter for the purpose of replacing the water main. Removal and disposal of asbestos cement water main will be accomplished in accord with all state and federal asbestos regulations. This project will also require the installation of 735 feet 12 inch C-900 water main, re-connection of three water services, three fire services, installation of two fire hydrants, and the installation of a drainage structure. The installation of new water main includes paving of all removed asphalt roadway, replacing sidewalk and curb & gutter. 

  • Mountain View Road Public Improvements Project
    This project involves widening the eastern and southern half of Mountain View Road from the Hamilton Lowe Aquatic Center to the intersection of Slonaker Drive. The half-width road widening will add a bicycle lane, curb and gutter, sidewalk, and a landscape strip along the length of the road. This project also includes adding a turn lane and crosswalk at the Slonaker Drive and Mountain View Road intersection. 

  • Asphalt Rubber Chip Seal- Pavement Preservation Project
    This project consists of applying an Asphalt Rubber Chip Seal (Type II) followed by a Fog Seal at the following locations:


    Road Locations

    Area (SY)

    Chip Seal
     Fog Seal

    Washington St. – Morton St. to D St.


    Aug 18thAug 22nd

    Washington St.  – D St. to C St.


    Aug 18thAug 22nd

    Washington St. – C St. to A St.


    Aug 18thAug 22nd

    Washington St. – A St. to 1 St. 


    Aug 18thAug 22nd

    Jefferson St. – Morton St. to D St.


    Aug 23rdAug 24th

    Jefferson St. –  D St. to A St.


    Aug 23rdAug 24th

    Jefferson St. – A St. to 1st St. 


    Aug 23rdAug 24th

    Jefferson St. – 1st St. to 3rd St. 


    Aug 23rdAug 24th

    Jefferson St. – 7th St. to 8th St.


    Aug 23rdAug 24th

    Jefferson St. 8th St. to Lewis St.


    Aug 23rdAug 24th

    Jefferson St. Lewis St. to Spotswood St.


    Aug 23rdAug 24th

    B St.- Mountain View Rd. to Blaine St.


    Aug 18thAug 22nd

    Logan St. – 6th St.to Mabelle St.


    Aug 23rdAug 24th

    Logan St. – Mabelle St. to Troy Hwy.


    Aug 23rdAug 24th

    Lewis St. – Washington St. to Logan St.


    Aug 18thAug 22nd

    2nd St. – Van Buren St. to Jefferson St.


    Aug 18thAug 22nd
    7th St. - Logan to Blaine (Incl. Anna Ct.)
    Aug 18thAug 22nd

    Total Area:

    39,559 SY

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