Park Shelter Reservations

To view current park shelter reservations, please see the bottom of this page. 

Park picnic shelters are available to the public in blocks of 4 hours for a $25.00 rental fee (other fees may apply - see details below). Park reservations must be made and paid for at least 7 business days in advance of the rental date. No individual or group may reserve any park or facility more than once during any thirty (30) day period. 

Alcohol (beer/wine/liquor) is not allowed in Moscow City Parks, pursuant to Moscow City Code § 5-13-4B.

If you have a reservation for more than 50 people, you are REQUIRED to comply with the recycling resolution #2009 - 21 which states:

The City hereby implements a policy of requiring fifty dollar ($50) deposit to be paid to the City in addition to any City Park and/or facility rental charges for events where the event coordinator or City reasonably anticipates the attendance of more than fifty (50) participants. Recycling deposit would be returned to the event coordinator upon the completion of successful recycling for which the deposit is made. Completion of successful recycling will occur upon the completion of the following: Contacting Moscow Recycling to reserve recycling frames for an event; Removal of the event-related recycling to Moscow Recycling from the reserved site on the City park or City facility; the return of the recycling frames undamaged to Moscow Recycling; and the receipt by the City of confirmation of the return of the recycling frames to Moscow Recycling. Failure to pick up and return the recycling frames may result in forfeiture of the recycling fee. 

For the full resolution, please refer to this document.

If you are expecting more than 100 people at your event, please call the Parks and Recreation office at (208) 883-7084.

Current Park Reservations

Anderson Frontier Park

Berman Creekside Park 

  • 12/16/23 1pm-5pm: Casey Johnson Birthday Party 

East City Park 

  • 4/19/2024 9am-9pm- Elizabeth Prasil Inland NW Waste Earth Day
  • 5/11/2024 1pm-5pm: Emily Siguy
  • 6/8/2024 5pm-9pm: Kitra Isaacson

Friendship Square

  • 12/02/23 9am-5pm:  Alexis Gist UofI Collegiate NAfME Chapter
  • 12/7/23 9am-9pm: Tyler Ochoa
  • 12/10/23 1pm-5pm: Christ Church Caroling in the park
  • 5/4/24-10/26/24 9am-1pm: FARMERS MARKET

Ghormley Park/ Pickleball Courts

Jim Lyle Rotary Park

Kiwanis Park/Hordemann Pond

Lena Whitmore Park

  • 6/8/2024 9am-1pm: Dana Tiegs

Mountain View Park