Public Meeting Information

What to Expect

Welcome to the City of Moscow public meetings’ process. Public meetings within the State are controlled by Idaho Code and Moscow ’s City Code. In order to make your attendance at public meetings more meaningful, the City suggests the following as guidelines for participation.

The Agenda

The agenda outlines generally the order and the subject matter of business to take place at the meeting. The meeting Chair is in charge of the agenda and what occurs at the meeting.

The following FAQ information is meant to help explain the type of activity associated with different types of activities considered at a meeting:

What Rules Apply

The City generally follows Robert's Rules of Order when making decisions. See the Public Meetings Handbook for more details. All public comments in a meeting should be directed to or through the Chair so that (a) order can be maintained; (b) the record of the meeting (if any) is clear; and (c) a member of City staff can intercede to avoid a procedural problem or to give advice.

You may wish to know that it is part of the City Staff’s job to make sure that the procedures established by the City Council and State Code are followed. Please forgive any inconvenience or temporary embarrassment which this may cause you.

If you have questions about the City public process or what is allowed during a public meeting, please contact the City’s Legal, Community Planning & Design or Administrative Department or review these documents: