Moscow Volunteer Fire & EMS

Volunteer Service

The Moscow Volunteer Fire Department (MVFD) is over 125 years old and it is stronger today than ever in its history. Its members volunteer thousands of hours of training and countless hours of response time every year without cost to the citizens of Moscow. Currently, the MVFD has approximately 100 volunteers providing fire protection service and volunteer ambulance service to 6.1 square miles in the city of Moscow and 128 square miles in the Moscow Rural Fire District.

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Fire Rating

The City of Moscow has a Class 3 fire rating which benefits our residents as it translates into greater safety and therefore lowers fire insurance premiums.

University Relationship

The MVFD also forges an active bond between the long term residents of Moscow and the students at the University of Idaho. Many students serve as resident volunteers who are charged with providing around the clock coverage for Moscow's three fire stations. Working cooperatively with the University of Idaho, these students live in the fire stations at no cost and provide quick response of equipment to the sites where it is needed. Many of these residents go on to careers as firefighters and administrators in other departments throughout the country.

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