Moscow Artwalk is one of many events that foster the region's cultural ecosystem. Since its beginning in 2004, the event has become a highlight of the Palouse by celebrating the wealth of artistic practice in the region. The 2021-2022 Moscow Artwalk season includes visual, literary, performance, and culinary arts offerings at business and non-profit locations throughout the community on the 3rd Thursday of each month from October - May. The season finale on June 16, 2022 features artist and host location offerings along with music, food, and performance art on Main Street.

October 21, 4-8 p.m.
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October 21 Host Locations


Introducing...TEAM ARTWALK!


How do I participate in next month's event?

November Artwalk registration will be open from October 26 - November 9 at 5 p.m.
via the City of Moscow's Submittable portal:

Businesses are encouraged to start looking for artists as soon as possible. Visit the City of Moscow's Artist Directory at and make connections with artists from around the Palouse. Registration for Artwalk will be offered on a monthly basis to allow flexibility for participants' schedules. 

Artists may connect with local businesses to find the best host location to fit their art. Once an artist finds a location, the host locations will complete the registration form. Not sure where to start? Utilize the Moscow Chamber of Commerce's Business Directory to find local businesses:

Audience members can find event flyers at participating host locations during the week of 3rd Thursday. Additional information, including a downloadable event flyer, will be available on the Artwalk webpage.

2021-2022 Artwalk Season Poster

Meet the 2021-2022 Artwalk Season Poster artist: Bridgette Schnider


Bridgette K Schnider (BKS), of Color & Gold LLC based in Latah County, creates jewel-like designs and gilded works inspired by the beauty of global cultures, mathematics and nature. Most works include 24k gold and/or 24k palladium* gilding in leaf form purchased from a family-run company of 4th generation gold beaters in Wisconsin - the only company still creating leaf by hand in the United States. (*Palladium is a non-tarnishing precious metal typically more expensive than gold that looks similar to silver.) BKS also grinds the leaf by hand in a very time-consuming process to make "shell gold," which is a fine powder of metal that can be applied with a brush and burnished. For coloring illuminations on fine papers, BKS uses pencils and water-based paints both purchased or from hand-ground pigments, sometimes from semi-precious stones such as malachite and lapis and washes from natural plants. Some illuminations are replicated with archival inks on acid-free German Etching paper by Hahnemühl–a select paper prized by European nobility for centuries and then hand-gilded with 24k gold and/or palladium, signed and numbered. For coloring more durable surfaces, acrylics are used with woman-owned Swiss company, Lascaux, being a favorite on detailed projects.


BKS’ works are on permanent display at the Museum of the Gilding Arts in Pontiac, Illinois, and in multiple galleries and private collections worldwide. BKS does interior painting, gilding and illumination commissions for individual collectors, corporate clients, houses of worship and historic places and has worked abroad in Beijing and at UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Israel.


BKS is an active member of the Society of Gilders, received a BA in industrial design from the Art Institute of Portland in conjunction with the University of Idaho and has completed numerous courses from the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts in London.


BKS’ piece entitled 3rd Thursday features watercolor paint pans from Jazper Stardust.

Watercolor paint pans form a rectangle

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