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Stage Three HIRC Gym Rules:

  1. No more than 20 people in gym at any given time. 
    1. Exceptions - 
      1. If a parent brings in their toddler (less than 5 years old) …only count as one person.
      2. If a parent brings in a grade school-age/middle school age child, count each separately
  2. Reservations for drop-in use will no longer take place. 
  3. Hoops may have more than one person as long as masks are worn over the mouth and nose
    1. Exceptions - 
      1. A person who has a medical exemption for not wearing a face mask must show proof to staff and is allowed to play alone at a hoop. (See below)
      2. Masking – 
        1. Exceptions – 
          1. A mask is not required when playing at a hoop by themselves. Any more than one, then all playing at the hoop must wear mask
          2. toddlers (under 5 years old)
          3. Those with a medical exemption, mental health exemption or disability that prevents the wearing of a mask (proof of such condition must be issued by a medical professional)
  4. Pickleball – 
    1. No more than 8 people at east gym (4 per court max)
      1. The curtain is down, so this only applies to the pickleball group
    2. Masking is required 
  5. Volleyball – there is no volleyball allowed at this time

Park Reservations are currently unavailable online at this time.  Please call us directly at 208-883-7084 or come to the Hamilton Indoor Recreation Center at 1724 E F St; Monday-Friday 8 AM-5 PM.


In Moscow, we are very fortunate to have a host of recreational activities right here in our own backyard. From paved trails, to established parks, to local recreation facilities both indoors and out, to the great list of programmed offerings, Moscow is a shining example of a community where we can truly work and play.

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Moscow Parks and Recreation offers activities for everyone!  Stop by the Hamilton Indoor Recreation Center (1724 East F Street) during any of our regular hours or click here to go to our registration website and join in the fun!

To learn more about all that Moscow Parks and Recreation offers, check out the pages on the left, or contact us at 208.883.7084.

Parks and Recreation Brochure -   Your Guide to Healthy, Active Fun on the Palouse!

Park Shelter and Facility Rentals

Whether you are planning a class reunion, a family picnic, a birthday bash, a baby shower, or some other get-together; Moscow Parks and Recreation has an ideal spot for you!  For more information click on Facilities and Parks on the Drop down on the left, or please call us at 208-883-7084 Monday- Friday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM for more information or to make your reservations today.  We'd love to help you find the perfect spot for your next event!