Poet Laureate

The City of Moscow Poet Laureate serves a 3-year term and helps to:

  • Expand literacy and community awareness
  • Honor the many writers in our community
  • Build upon the correlation between civic life and creativity of local artists

City of Moscow Poet Laureate Susan Hodgin

Susan Hodgin, a Louisiana native with education degrees from Southeastern Louisiana University, is a retired Idaho educator with 35-plus years of teaching experience. She enjoys the friendship of her husband and their two Newfoundlands, an uppity housecat, and a small urban flock of hens (most of the time).  She spends her other hours feeding and watching songbirds, coaching Poetry Out Loud at Moscow High School, and singing with UI Jazz Choir 1. She became Moscow’s second Poet Laureate this past June and looks forward to serving the Moscow Arts Commission and community through 2020.

Poetry began for her as a classroom exercise, the writing teacher writing.  From there, she found herself reflecting about what she saw in the natural world, a refreshing contrast to her school desk and computer desk at home.  Her poetry is often prompted by an observation, a curiosity, finding a voice to tell a story.

Image of Susan Hodgin, City of Moscow Poet Laureate

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