Public Art

The City of Moscow supports local art through an Ordinance that requires 1% of the total cost of capital projects be dedicated to public art in our community. These projects include City facilities that are constructed or renovated, like the Intermodal Transit Center completed in late 2012. This program adds beauty to public places, enhances the quality of life for Moscow citizens, and promotes tourism to Moscow.

City Owned Public Art


The sculpture garden at the Intermodal Transit Center (1006 Railroad) contains art that rotates on a annual basis. The sculptures currently on display were created by University of Idaho students: Talitha Davis ("Iris, Lily, Rose"); Shanti Friedman ("Walking Wheel"); Kateri Warnick ("Aero"); Danielle Riana Locke ("Shaped Like a Friend"); and Taylor Ransom ("Lion's Tooth"). 

Public Art at the Moscow Public Library

Artist Melissa Cole designed, created, and installed the beautiful glass tile mosaic at the Moscow Public Library. She worked to incorporate the panels created during the FREE community workshops into her mural. 

Melissa designed the 3D sculpture installed in the 2nd level garden (a gaillardia flower and honey bee) and worked with local welder, Brian McDonald to develop the piece. Brian fabricated the sculpture using 1/4 steel pieces that he cut, shaped and textured. Melissa then enameling (coloring) the petals and parts of the bee using powdered glass fired at 1500 degrees in a kiln. There are multiple layers when enameling each piece, including black and white ground coats and then layers of color. Brian took the final enameled pieces and put them back together as a whole to complete the sculpture.