Adopt-A-Tree Program

Program Goals

The Adopt-a-Tree Program is designed to assist the City in the stewardship of Moscow's urban forest. The goal of the program is to enhance the short and long-term viability of the community forest through an increased level of care and oversight for newly planted, young, and mature trees throughout the City, while extending the resources of the Parks Department.

Volunteering & "Adoption"

Individual volunteers, families, service groups and other entities are welcome to volunteer in the program and "adopt" one tree, several trees, and larger groups if available. Once accepted into the program and having attended an orientation session, volunteers will have the privilege of oversight and responsibility for their trees, as specified in their volunteer agreement with the City.


Activities may include:

  • Installation of Tree Rings
  • Light Pruning
  • Mulching
  • Removal of Suckers
  • Weeding
  • Weekly Watering When Necessary

Volunteers will also be asked to notify the City if they see any damage, stress symptoms, or other items of concern related to the tree's well-being so the City can take appropriate action. Volunteers will only be asked to work from ground-level - no ladder or climbing work will be allowed.

Public Spaces

Trees in any of the City parks, right-of-ways, or open spaces may be included in the program; no work on privately owned trees will be allowed. Volunteers need no arboricultural experience - the program is designed for those willing to learn about the care and longevity of these plants, with oversight from the City. Residents who do have experience with the care and maintenance of trees are also welcome to the program, and may be allowed to mentor those who seek additional training.

Design & Approach

The program is designed to provide volunteers with several options regarding the level of time and opportunities involved, allowing a flexible approach to the project.

​For more information about the program, please check the links on the right side of the page, or contact Moscow Parks and Recreation at 208.883.7084.