Operations Division

The Operations Division is the largest and most visible division within the department. It is comprised of 23 officers who provide around the clock services in the City of Moscow as well assisting the Campus Division with law enforcement support to the University of Idaho. The Operations Division is responsible for responding to all calls of service from our community.

Field Training Officers

Within the division are specialized functions vital for ensuring efficient operations and concentrated law enforcement community policing objectives. The Field Training Officer's prepares and trains newly hired officers for solo patrol duties. Officers selected as FTOs are highly motivated and are committed to excellence. 


The Traffic Officer’s primary duties are working in conjunction with Idaho Department of Transportation on emphasis and directed patrols. The Traffic Officer provides educational contacts to commuters, helping with issues related to engineering problems, and enforcing the traffic codes. Our Bicycle Patrol is well received by the community. These officers enhance regular patrol officers and provide citizens an opportunity to interact with officers on a more personal level.

Welcome to Moscow sign and patrol car