Citizen's Academy

In 2000 Chief David Duke implemented the Moscow Police Citizens Academy. The police department uses this Academy to educate and give one-on-one instruction to provide citizens and students with a personnel experience in the life and duties of police officers. The Academy encompasses the following:

  • Crime Prevention
  • Criminal Investigations
  • The Criminal Justice System
  • Emergency Vehicle Operations
  • Firearms
  • Patrol Procedures
  • Police History
  • Problem Solving
  • Tactical
  • Traffic and Drug Enforcement
  • Use of Force

Academy Courses

The Academy is an eleven-week course that meets once a week. Classes are limited to 25 students. U of I Students have the ability to acquire college credits if approved by their adviser.

This Academy is just one way the Moscow Police Department educated through transparency of our daily actions.

Contact Us

If you are interested in receiving further information, call us at 208-883-7054.