Parking Enforcement

Two Parking Enforcement Specialists enforce the parking regulations of the City of Moscow, Monday through Friday 8AM to 5PM. Patrol officers enforce parking regulations after hours and on weekends. 

Paying Parking Violations

Payment for parking violations may be made by

  1. Mailing the parking ticket and fine to Moscow Police Department, 155 Southview Avenue, Moscow, ID 83843, or
  2. Paying the parking violation in person Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm at the Moscow Police Department, or 
  3. Accessing the Pay Ticket button at the bottom of the page.

Contesting Parking Violations

If you wish to contest the parking violation, you must do so within 15 days after the parking violation has been written. Contest forms may be picked up and filled out at the police department or access by clicking on the Pay Ticket button below.  This form will be forwarded, once completed, to the City Prosecutor’s office for determination. A letter will be mailed to you in regard to the parking violation, as to whether you will have to pay the parking violation or whether the City Prosecutor determines to dismiss the violation. 

Wheel Lock Information

If you receive three (3) or more parking violations, and these parking tickets are all over the 15-day grace period, your vehicle will be subject to a wheel lock. At that time, you will need to report to the Moscow Police Department to pay all parking violation fines and a wheel lock fee of $100.00. Once these fines and fees have been paid, the wheel lock will be released from your vehicle

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please call Dianna Erickson at (208) 883-7056.