Parking Enforcement

For fiscal year 2018, revenues for parking fines and vehicle boots totaled $124,934 Another $16,939 was collected for parking permits. The department utilized the Automated Accounts Incorporate as our collection agency for overdue parking citations. During the year, they were successful in collecting $3,150 for parking citations past due by more than six months.

Automated Parking

The two automated parking ticket devices continue to be very efficient by digitally downloading citations into the AIMS computer software which saves time on data entry. The ticket devices have been a benefit to the Record Technicians and save monies on paper costs and reducing entry errors.


Dianna Erickson completed her twelfth full year with the department. Experience and decisive customer service made 2018 a year with few citizen complaints while Parking Technicians remained both effective and efficient as the City considers alternatives to the limited downtown parking at the City Council level.