Code Enforcement

Our Code Enforcement Officer's responsibilities focus on animal care and control with an emphasis on City of Moscow Code violations pertaining to dogs.  The department continues to work in partnership with the Humane Society of the Palouse through a personal services agreement. Code Enforcement also responds to complaints of junk vehicles, snow on sidewalks, noxious weeds, sight obstructions and found bicycles.  

In addition, the officer deploys our radar trailers throughout the City as a tool to education the motoring public. The trailers are used to collect valuable traffic data which help the police department evaluate and verify potential speeding problems and traffic volumes in specific areas.

If you need assistance with any of the following issues, please contact Code Enforcement Officer Gary Stedman at (208) 883-7056.

  • Animal-related concerns
  • Noxious weeds
  • Sidewalk snow removal
  • Abandoned bicycles
  • Public Nuisances

If you need more information about dog or bicycle licenses, please contact our Records / Reception staff at (208) 883-7054.