Chaplain Program

Our Chaplains are incorporated into our department and are a resource for assistance and support when requested. The department recognizes the need for a Chaplain or member of the clergy to provide counseling, spiritual support, and guidance to members, their families and to citizens in our community when a need arises. Our program is currently comprised of Chaplains Jean Knierim and Rod Olps. The primary mission of the Chaplaincy Program is to provide spiritual guidance, counseling, education, training, support and non-sectarian functions.

Death Notification

Their assistance with death notifications, suicides and hospital visits eases the officers' burdens. All chaplains are members of the ICPC (International Conference of Police Chaplains). The ICPC offers specialized training necessary to function as a Law Enforcement Chaplain.


When a callout is received, the Chaplains realize they are facing a possible traumatic situation with people in pain. Often, just being present with the "Chaplain" insignia visible on their person helps to diffuse difficult circumstances. 

Time spent riding along with officers is considered a privilege and an honor by our Chaplains, and they show the upmost respect for the difficult jobs our officers perform. 

The Chaplain Program has proven to be an invaluable resource to the Moscow Police Department, the community and surrounding areas.