Campus Division

The Campus Division of the Moscow Police Department provides police services to the campus community and serves as the liaison between the University of Idaho and the City of Moscow. The goal of the Campus Division of the Moscow Police Department is to develop a strong community policing partnership with the students, staff, faculty, and administration of the University of Idaho. This interactive partnership with the University of Idaho supports a campus environment which is a safe and fun place to study, work, live and recreate.


The Campus Division currently operates out of the Idaho Commons building which is located in the center of the University of Idaho campus. The Commons office is staffed with one lieutenant and two community policing officers. Three additional campus patrol officers and a detective make up the remaining segment of the Campus Division. These Idaho P.O.ST. certified officers have daily contact with the University community promoting safety, security, and protection. Officers provide educational presentations to University living groups, staff and departments on a wide variety of topics such as alcohol abuse, sexual assault, drugs, theft, etc. The Campus Division also provides security services for all major University events.

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